Caught stealing pt 1

This here is Chapter one of a short story I am rewriting. Feedback is welcome and let me know if you want to see this continued! all copyrights belongs to me

Caught Stealing

By Cornelis Frederiks

Chapter 1

 It was night-time in Meameth, The city was peaceful and quiet. A sixteen year old boy ran over the rooftops of the eastern district, his agility and light-footedness left him unnoticed and unchallenged. He had a plan that night, he would break into a warehouse on the shore of the river and fill his bag with riches. He wore a black shirt with a hood and his mouth was covered with a shawl, on his back was a quiver with arrows and a well-crafted shortbow. His quiver was compartmentalized and there were different types of arrows showing. On his left side he carried a rapier and his belt was lined with pouches. A rope was attached to some of the arrows and the arrowhead would expand upon impact. These allowed him to climb the rope and reach otherwise difficult to reach areas.

He was nearing his objective and stopped by the edge of a rooftop to survey the area around the warehouse. He was looking around to see if anyone was close enough to notice him. The streets were empty and the boy could safely lower himself to the ground without being noticed. He walked towards a small gap in between two buildings and carefully lowered himself between the buildings, his back against one wall and his feet against the other. He gently lowered himself to the ground slowing his descent with his feet and back. As he reached the ground, he lowered himself to a crouch, and moved towards the wall that surrounded the warehouse while sticking to shadows to remain unseen.

As he reached the wall he stood with his back against the wall to once again look if anyone could see him. He did not see anyone, and stepped away from the wall while drawing a roped arrow from his quiver. He nocked the arrow to the string of his shortbow. With a smooth draw of the string, he aimed the arrow at the edge of the wall and released it. With a thud, the arrow penetrated the wall, and expanded into the wall. The boy pulled on the rope a few times to see if it was secured enough and started to climb up. As he reached the top he pressed a button that caused the arrowhead to collapse again and pulled it out. What he did not know was that he was being watched.

“He’s going over the wall sir,” observed a man hiding in the shadows a yard away from the wall.

“I noticed, Lieutenant-General,” commented another man with a smile. “We will go to him over the rooftops.”

“Yes sir,” whispered a group of men in similar uniforms, before scattering into the shadows readying themselves to climb up a building. Three men took a grappling hook from their belts and started to swing them to build up momentum. When the momentum was fast enough, they released the grappling hooks and tossed them to the top of the wall. After testing if the hook were secured, they climbed up the rope to reach the rooftops.

The boy landed in the field surrounding the warehouse and crouched down to decrease the sound of his fall. After scanning the perimeter once more, He moved to a nearby door. He took a set of lockpicks from a pouch on his belt and got to work picking the lock. He worked quickly and with finesse as he moved the picks gently. After a few breathless seconds, there was a click of a lock opening. The boy opened the door to a crack and looked inside the hallway. The boy saw no one and stepped into the hallway closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, the group of uniformed men reached the wall and used grappling hooks to climb over the wall. As all of them landed on the ground on the other side, the man in charge held up his hand to make them wait.

“Alek, you take that door over there,” he whispered pointing at the door.

Alek nodded and put a hood over his head to hide his dark blonde hair. He crept towards the door carefully and quietly. When he reached the door he tested if it was open and discovered that it was already unlocked. This door shouldn’t be unlocked, he thought. This might be where the boy went through. He slowly entered the hallway and stayed alert for any sounds.

The boy took a golden chalice  from a table in one of the storage rooms. As he put it in his bag he heard loud footsteps approaching the room. It were steel boots on stone the boy observed. He closed the door behind him carefully and waited for the footsteps to pass by the door. The boy waited for a few more breaths. and stepped into the hallway and headed in the opposite direction.

After a while, the boy reached a locked door at the end of the hallway. He quickly picked the lock, before entering the room quietly. He had entered a large room with many forms of decorated objects, he saw decorated chalices, plates, jewellery and many other beautiful objects. He closed the door behind him and started to walk around the room grabbing objects here and there. As he reached on of the corners of the room he saw that a dagger stood on a pedestal in a ray of moonlight. With some hesitation he took the dagger from the pedestal he heard a click. Within a second he took a quick step onto the pedestal and jumped backwards using the pedestal to launch himself into a somersault. As he landed on the ground nine feet away from the pedestal, sharp spears shot from the ground and into the ceiling. Enclosing the pedestal in metal bars.

“Crap, that was close,” he whispered to himself. “Someone must have heard that.”

And someone had, Alek had heard the loud noise of a trap triggering and ran towards the door. He entered the room quietly and looked around.

The boy heard the door opening and hid himself in the shadows before tying the sheath to his belt. He noticed the man entering the room was wearing some sort of uniform, that showed he was a member of the guard.

Alek realised there was someone in the room with him and stayed on guard, scanning the room with trained eyes. “I know you’re here boy, you can come quietly or I can take you by force,” he said. “What’s it going to be?”

The boy stayed quiet as he crept to the man’s right side, remaining concealed in the shadows. As he reached his side he pulled his sword and attacked.

Alek easily blocked the attack and realised that the boy was not trained with a sword. He took a set of Irons from his belt and waited for the boy’s next attack. As the boy slashed with his rapier, Alek disarmed him by putting one of the irons on his wrists and twisting it. As the rapier fell to the ground, Alek pulled his arm behind his back and gently kicked him in one of the insides of his knees to bring him to his knees. He put his arms on his back and secured them with Irons. Alek grabbed the boy under his shoulders and set him upright. With a quick pull he released the scabbard and caused it to drop to the ground. While holding the boy by one of his wrists he gathered the rapier and scabbard before putting them over his shoulder. He pushed the boy towards the door and led him away from the room.

As they reached the exit, the General and a squad was already waiting by a carriage at the exit. With a last feat of strength the boy pulled himself from Alek’s grip, and started running in the opposite direction.

“Stupid boy,” said Alek as he pulled a club from his belt before tossing it at the boy with great strength and accuracy. The boy was hit in the back of the head and fell to the ground, unconscious. Alek signalled for a few men to come to him and pick up the boy.

“Well done, lieutenant-General,” Said the General.

“Thank you, sir,” replied Alek. “This are his weapons and the bag with stolen wares is still on the boy.”

“Did our trap work?”

“Not completely, he managed to dodge the bars, but the sound the trap made gave his position away.”

“Alright men, put him in the carriage,” ordered the General in a loud voice. ”I’ll notify the warehouse manager.”

“Sir, yes sir,” reacted the men.


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