What’s in a name?

This might sound as a clichéd question to ask but I think every start up company, freelance or otherwise, spends a lot of time on thinking of a name that fits you, as a person as well as a company.

Difficult names like my own:

Cornelis Frederiks

(is it difficult?)

Can be hard to pronounce by some. Still it is my name and I like it!
but for freelance activities and as a brand I’m not sure if it is catchy enough to use.


is a name that is a little easier to pronounce but still doesn’t quite cut it for me.

So I searched around on the internet for the actual meaning of my name.
In Latin there is a variation of Cornelius, this means ‘of a horn’ derived from Cornu

There is also a centurion named Cornelius in a biblical story. He was converted to Christianity by Simon Peter after they both received a vision from god. (This is just an example of things you can find by simply looking for the meaning of your name on the internet.)

Another example of my findings led the name back to an Irish meaning, strong wiled and wise. It is also sometimes used as a translation of Conchubhar which means high desire.

The more you know right?

Anyway, none of these meanings helped me find a name to use so I turned my name around (as I had done before)


Now I was on to something just add two letters and you have:


I like it so let’s give it a spin.

Think it’ll work?

(source, just because I can)


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