The Spirit of Christmas

“What’s the meaning of Christmas?”
A child once asked of me,
“Well that is a matter of opinion”.”
I said from by the tree.

To some it’s a time to be with friends,
for some it is with family,
For some it is time of worship
or just a time of gifts.

For some it is the food that counts that day,
a Christmas brunch or dinner.
For some it’s time away from home,
hoping to return a winner.

For some it is work that is important,
Doctors and nurses, see.
The spirit of Christmas has many faces,
Channukah, Yule and Koledari,
to name a few.

but I’m starting to ramble,
let me get back to my point.

“What is the spirti of Christmas?
“That is what you asked of me
The spirit of Christmas is manifold.
You can make of it whatever feels right.

Cornelis Frederiks


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