One week, one story

I have been writing for 12 years. My first ever story was  written in the first class of secondary school.

It wasn’t much but it got me interested in the great world of storytelling.

There is a a slight set back to writing though:

starting stories is more fun than finishing them.

in the beginning, my characters start to develop themselves and become like close friends. Then the characters come to life and the story starts to write itself.

I tend to dive into stories head first and plan very little. I have a basic outline of things that happened and things that are going to happen. And a world starts to build itself in my mind.

Sadly, at some point, I am no longer one-hundred percent sure what rules apply to the world. I lose sight of the plot and writing becomes a chore.

Than at some point I loose interest and abandon ship. A lot of stories with great potential have become part of an ever growing pile (both digitally and handwritten.)

I want to change that and start finishing some stories.

So here’s what I want to do

I decided to set up a challenge for myself. This Saturday, February 1st, I will start writing a story for which I will give my self one week. The story must be finished by the 8th of February.

Here’s the specifics:

  • Max 6000 words
  • must be stand alone
  • The week lasts from Saturday 1st, to Saturday the 8th
  • Daily update of amount of words written that day

And next to that, I’m giving you the chance to decide on the Genre through this poll.

I’m curious what it’s going to be.


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