Silentrock does Nanowrimo

Hello everyone, for a lot of writers, November means the national novel writing month (nanowrimo.)

This year for the first time, I am going to be one of those writers.

What does that mean?

The National Novel Writing Month started in America in 1999 and flew over to the Netherlands since around 2003. It has a large comunity and forum on which you can stay in touch with fellow Nanoers, to help you through the month.

some rules:

– Start writing on November 1st and keep on writing untill November 30th.

– your novel should be at least 50.000 words.

– originally you had to write a whole new novel in 30 days but that has been less extensive, you can now continue writing on older stories s long as you put your word count for November 1st at 0.

What is Silentrock going to write?

My idea for the nanowrimo is to start writing a new book in the fantasy genre, I am not much of a plotter so at the moment all I have is 5 characters that come together as an adventuring group and get into a world of trouble doing so. working title: The Wandering 5.

As I will be focussing on writing I will have to keep away from the one week one story challenge and keep my focus on my story.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself and being part of the community and will try to keep you posted about my progress.

So for now,

Catch you later.


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