Silentrock does Nanowrimo

Hello everyone, for a lot of writers, November means the national novel writing month (nanowrimo.)

This year for the first time, I am going to be one of those writers.

What does that mean?

The National Novel Writing Month started in America in 1999 and flew over to the Netherlands since around 2003. It has a large comunity and forum on which you can stay in touch with fellow Nanoers, to help you through the month.

some rules:

– Start writing on November 1st and keep on writing untill November 30th.

– your novel should be at least 50.000 words.

– originally you had to write a whole new novel in 30 days but that has been less extensive, you can now continue writing on older stories s long as you put your word count for November 1st at 0.

What is Silentrock going to write?

My idea for the nanowrimo is to start writing a new book in the fantasy genre, I am not much of a plotter so at the moment all I have is 5 characters that come together as an adventuring group and get into a world of trouble doing so. working title: The Wandering 5.

As I will be focussing on writing I will have to keep away from the one week one story challenge and keep my focus on my story.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself and being part of the community and will try to keep you posted about my progress.

So for now,

Catch you later.


One Week One Story (OWOS) #2

Hello Everyone

first of all I think I owe you an apology for keeping you waiting for the result of my second One Week One Story challenge. I was lacking the inspiration and felt like I needed some time to my self after having decided to quit College and start the long road ahead as a writer. Nevertheless, the challenge had been started and it got me stuck at not being able to build up my website.

Now, about 2 weeks ago on Wednesday I was struck by a bolt of inspiration to write a romance, so much so that I wrote about half of it (4190 words) on that same day. It took me a few more weeks to get to finishing this Romance story and now I have it.

so without further ado:

Here you have OWOS #2

Small world

A romance story by Cornelis Frederiks

(8451 words)

Business trips were a pain, you spend most of your time going from meeting to meeting and in the evenings you often have to read tons of paperwork to be sure the requirements are met. It didn’t leave much time to explore the city or enjoy yourself, what little time Chris did have for exploring he enjoyed. Tokyo was a beautiful city, but Chris was surprised with how many people lived in it. His usual fast pace was impossible to keep up with how many people walked on the city street. He was glad he had a driver to pick him up from the hotel, and assure he got to the office in time for the meetings.

Chris was sitting in the hotel lobby on the second day of his trip, he wanted to make sure everything went smoothly so that he could earn himself a week off work to explore the city. Everything had to be spic and span. He was reading through one of the contracts and was making notes of things that seemed to be missing or could be added to it. It was his first overseas business trip and he was given quite the challenge. His trip was to set up a contract with a Japanese producer of computer parts and tablets. He had had some training in multicultural communication but to actually be part of a meeting where every thing you did could be interpreted wrongly was quite a challenge. He was managing though, keeping in mind how the Japanese tended to have an indirect approach to communicating, high context was what he thought it was called. It was very different to the American tendency to be direct, and get down to business as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the challenge and felt rather confident about the negotiations. He had a cup of tea standing next to him and took a sip every now and then.

He had finished reading to the contract a third time, and closed his eyes for a moment to relax from reading.

I think I’ve done all I can for now, he thought as he slipped the file into his suitcase.

“Chris?” he heard a female voice say.

How on earth would someone here know my name, he thought as he looked at the source of the voice.

The woman looked strangely familiar to him, and was really beautiful. Jet black hair hung down past her shoulders in smooth waves and her face had features that reminded him of a girl he used to know in high school. Rain Okuda was that girl’s name, Japanese father and an American mother. Her face was a beautiful mix of the two. Beautiful green almond eyes that were at a slight angle, and a bright smile. They had been in the same class during high school and were rather close throughout their final year. Chris even remembered taking her to the prom back then.

“Rain?” Chris wondered angling his head and closing his eyes a bit.

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OWOS#2 Clean slate

What is up?

So I have been working on this romance story for two weeks, but didn’t even get to 2000 words. I seem to be having a problem with the setting I put it in. It is not taking my interest as much as it should be and my dialogues seem weak and static. So I realised that it is sometimes better to start over.

What is going to happen?

I decided to go clean slate on this story, but I am giving it a new spin.

I am adding Steampunk to the mix!

This means that I will have to let you wait for another week until I get this new story written.

OWOS I need to change my format

The idea of writing a full story in one week, using only 5000 words does not allow my muse to arrive.

I have to make a change if I want this romance story to come to fruition, and not turn out to be a piece that has been sped through and not brought its full potential.

I am taking another week to bring this story to its full potential.

Bear with me and I will write a story that is more than it could have been.

One week, One story #2

Last February I challenged myself to write a short story in one week. Here is a link to the result of that challenge.

I quite enjoyed this challenge and I want to do it again.

Recap of the Rules

– 5000 – 6000 words
– must be stand alone
– the week is from Saturday April 12th, to Saturday April 19th.

Next to these rules, you can decide what Genre I will be writing in by voting in this poll.

Looking forward to seeing your votes!

One week, one story the result

This past week I have been working on a short story that is written in a Genre decided upon by a poll I made two weeks ago.

The genre was:


Here is the story I wrote for my One week, One story challenge; ENJOY

After The Fall

 50 After the Fall (AF)

The dome was a strange place to be, he had only heard stories of what the world was like before the fall. Old photographs of grand forests were part of a collection his uncle had gathered before he died. The dome was much like a forest, there were many trees here that provided the facility with oxygen. Next to the dome, there were smaller chambers where crops like; corn, cabbages, beans and other vegetables were kept. It was impressive what the New Order had developed in secret, and the developments had never stopped.

“Daniel white!”

Daniel was shaken from his reverie by the man’s loud voice.

“Yes sir,” he replied as he quickened his pace to catch up.

“You have your duty to the Order,” he continued. “I expect you to do this without delay.”

“Sorry sir,” Daniel replied, “won’t happen again.”

Daniel aimed his eyes to the ground and followed his supervisor to the storage area. He did his work for the order well and this time he was allowed a new task. He was to bring seeds and fertilizers to a newly built section of the ever expanding facility. The facility was built underground and was lined with lead and thick layers of concrete. It was built to last for centuries and it was made certain that the radiation from the surface could not reach it.

“Okay mister White,” said the supervisor, “Gather the items on the list you were given, and prepare them for transportation.”

“Yes sir,” Daniel replied as he took the list out of the pocket of his lab coat.

“You’re on a tight schedule so get to work without delay.”

“Sir, yes, Sir.”

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One week, one story

I have been writing for 12 years. My first ever story was  written in the first class of secondary school.

It wasn’t much but it got me interested in the great world of storytelling.

There is a a slight set back to writing though:

starting stories is more fun than finishing them.

in the beginning, my characters start to develop themselves and become like close friends. Then the characters come to life and the story starts to write itself.

I tend to dive into stories head first and plan very little. I have a basic outline of things that happened and things that are going to happen. And a world starts to build itself in my mind.

Sadly, at some point, I am no longer one-hundred percent sure what rules apply to the world. I lose sight of the plot and writing becomes a chore.

Than at some point I loose interest and abandon ship. A lot of stories with great potential have become part of an ever growing pile (both digitally and handwritten.)

I want to change that and start finishing some stories.

So here’s what I want to do

I decided to set up a challenge for myself. This Saturday, February 1st, I will start writing a story for which I will give my self one week. The story must be finished by the 8th of February.

Here’s the specifics:

  • Max 6000 words
  • must be stand alone
  • The week lasts from Saturday 1st, to Saturday the 8th
  • Daily update of amount of words written that day

And next to that, I’m giving you the chance to decide on the Genre through this poll.

I’m curious what it’s going to be.